Course Offerings

Lecture and H.O.T. offerings

Professional Problem Solvers tracks: 

The Two Man Engine

Two people, one mission. Rapid and accurate placement of the first line to set you up for success! Working with line placement, advancing the nozzle, difficult/specialty stretches, and rescuing victims found during the advance.  

The Rural Reality of Search

65% of fire departments in the U.S. are volunteer, meaning you may not have adequate staffing to set up a true search crew. Searching during the advance, rescues off the line, 2nd due engine V.E.S. and all things search for this program!

The Working Engineer 

Task saturated, manpower limited. The first due engineer is one of the most dynamic positions on the fireground. Grabbing your own water supply, water limited pump ops, forcible entry, and ladders will fill your weekend with this offering!

Engine Does All: Small Town Truck Work

No truck? No problem. Ladders, saws, ventilation, and searches can be done from a well equipped engine!

Skill/Tactic Specific tracks:

2" Handlines: Big Water Interior

Fire Ground Decision Making-Lecture, available in person and online

Common Sense Fire Attack, For Them-Lecture, available in person and online

Rural Water Shuttle: In's and Out's

Need big water in small town America? Tenders/tankers are capable of delivering! Discussion and guidance on establishing a county wide tanker response system, followed up with water shuttle drills maintaining large volume flows!

Any of these offerings can be brought to you, whether you have a training facility or not! 

More coming soon!