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Meet the team

Conner Roberts

Conner began his career in a low staffed rural environment. He brings several years of experience spread across volunteer, part time, and career departments. Conner brings in great knowledge of engine company operations, rural water shuttle, and aggressive operations with low staffing. He recognized the need for quality training targeting rural environments and has a passion to fill that need.

Logan Hinkle

Logan brings several years of experience from low staffed and volunteer departments across Arkansas.  A strong believer in aggressive, rapid deployment of handlines and making search primary again, regardless of staffing. 

JP Gardner

JP is a firefighter for a combination department in SW Missouri with quality experience in a low staffing/volunteer service area. Specializing in engine company work and search, he’s heavily involved in engine work and all things search for classes in Eastern Oklahoma, Southern Missouri, and North Arkansas. A true student of the craft with a mission driven ideology, putting THEM first!

Manny Barajas

A true purveyor of firemanship and blue collar firefighting, manny bring many years of gritty experience as a nozzleman in one of Texas oldest cities. A student of all things nozzle, Manny has written multiple research articles on the effects of modern fire streams within the fireground. Manny's involved in everything we do, applying his knowledge and experience to all things firefighting. 

Ryan McCormick

Ryan brings with him nearly 30 years of service to the public, with nearly 20 of those years as a division level officer or higher. Ryan has taught at departments, seminars, and conferences across the country, delivering the message of putting THEM first! He’ll be involved in the preparation, development, and delivery of many of our Lecture/HOT offerings!  

Noah Casias

Blue collar through and through, Noah brings 10+ years of career experience from SW Texas. A truck guy at heart, Noah's passion for putting THEM first is deeply rooted. Between ladders and water cans, you'll see Noah involved in most all offerings!